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Smart Solution

Compass Software customers are creative and curious; they try to make use of all aspects of the staircase software to get the most out of it. Customer Juergen Scherner from Reuss in Germany found himself in the situation of having to design a dining table for one of his customers. The table was to be made of solid wood with a purist design, the perfect project for a staircase builder, who is already familiar with using solid wood. After mulling it over for some time he decided to try designing it with the staircase software. He used the parts posts, stringer, tread and a landing bar and he was done.

Table from Reuss manufactured with Compass Software
Table from Reuss manufactured with Compass Software
3D image of table made with Compass Software
Groundplan construction of table in Compass Software
Drawing of table in Compass Software

Since the design worked so well with the software, the stair builder decided to take it one step further: he used the drilling patterns in the height construction and was able to build in the necessary connections between the parts. Sending everything through the post-processor to the MAKA FPM 470 R CNC machine, which was installed by Compass Software technician Ralph Linnemann, was only the cherry on top. The generation of the CNC code went smoothly, just like with any staircase. After a few moments the CNC codes for milling were ready. Surprised by the success of this project, Mr. Scherner is already thinking about other application possibilities for the staircase software.

We want to thank the company Reuss for this brilliant idea and the pictures they have provided us with.